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Biog. Contemporary rock, soaked in blues and fed on humanity's ills!

Cherry White grew from the London's dusty underground blues scene. Four individuals who had nothing else in common but music, and somehow gelled together in the sweat and smoke of the city's basement clubs, Cherry White bring a fresh flavour to contemporary classic rock.

The frequent comparisons to Fleetwood Mac, Halestorm, and Royal Blood merely scratch the surface of the music, for this group weaves a far darker set of stories around its rich musical framework. Daring, blues-soaked rock provides an elegant backdrop to tales of anger, desolation, greed and obsession. A stark world seen through the eyes of powerful uplifting music

On an upward trajectory since the release of their latest EP, "Staring at the Sun", recently Cherry White played The 100 Club in London to celebrate their 200th gig, and have headlined White Trash in Berlin as well as The Troubadour, The Covent Garden Arts Theatre, The Hope and Anchor (all London) and The Portland Arms (Cambridge). They've also appeared at Planet Rock radio's festival, Rockstock, The Dereham Blues Festival and Togfest among others. With new singles, live recordings and an album in the works, things are looking bright for Cherry White

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Critical Reviews/Quotes

"... anthems more suitable for stadiums than dimly lit clubs, Cherry White is on course to becoming a classic band in their own right" SEE FULL REVIEW

" ... The music here is rich and deeply rooted in the culture that surrounds it's band-members ... it is as classy and charming as the four Londoners that perfected it" SEE FULL REVIEW

" ... if you like your music infused with a decent helping of blues, Cherry White could be just the tonic ..." SEE FULL REVIEW

" ... Cherry White's EP is fantastic ..." SEE FULL REVIEW

" ... Now please excuse me because it's time to relax and enjoy this beautiful display of Blues Rock by Cherry White, an emerging band from the UK that will soon conquer the entire world with their elegant music, no doubt about that." SEE FULL REVIEW

" ... these are some shit-kicking songs, superbly performed and recorded!" - Oliver Arditi

"The best band I've played with but never heard of!" - Guy Pratt (PinkFloyd/Robert Palmer/Michael Jackson etc etc)

Cherry White Videos

"Drifter" by Cherry White

"7 Days" by Cherry White

"Do It Better" by Cherry White

"Don't Hold Me Back" by Cherry White

Home Base: London, UK

Band Members: 4

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