“The elegant sound of contemporary rock, steeped in a barrel of blues” Cherry White are a rock band formed in a dimly lit London basement blues jam who’ve been making original music for over 10 years. A love of riffs, noise and the delicate sound of anger brought the various individuals who have been a part of Cherry White’s history together.

Over the past few years the band have recorded and released 26 songs, played hundreds of gigs (including at the 100 Club, Planet Rockstock, The Water Rats) both in the UK and Europe, and forged a sound that takes their blues roots and mixes it with rock n roll, folk, prog , jazz and country to make a heady cocktail of rock music. Add to this a dark and melancholic lyrical style, and you begin to have a taste of the music that Cherry White make. Having been a female fronted 4 piece for the past few years, recent line-up changes mean the dynamic has changed.  The two permanent members are responsible for the writing and artistic direction of the project (the same as always), and are joined by any number of other artists and musicians to create a tapestry of music that is a testament to the melding of styles. But the music is still varied, dynamic and deep, whether it’s a 3 minute foot stomper battling against the futility of living for the weekend (7 Days), a tender ballad on the hope of love over reality (The Price) or an 11 minute epic charting the genuine fear of going literally insane (The Fog) these are songs that demand attention.

2021 will see the release of a number of singles as well as working towards a full album in 2022, a concept album that looks at a burning world through fresh eyes.

“The depths of the soul betray a darkness we wish we could discard, but it clings to us, reminding us who we are and who it is that’s really chasing us” – The Road, 2022



“… anthems more suitable for stadiums than dimly lit clubs, Cherry White is on course to becoming a classic band in their own right” SEE FULL REVIEW

” … The music here is rich and deeply rooted in the culture that surrounds it’s band-members … it is as classy and charming as the four Londoners that perfected it” SEE FULL REVIEW

” … if you like your music infused with a decent helping of blues, Cherry White could be just the tonic …” SEE FULL REVIEW