10 years old – May 7th 2021

How old is Cherry White?
Answering this question isn’t straightforward, you see the 4 original members of Cherry White all met at a blues jam at The Spice of Life in Soho, London.  It was a relationship forged over many months in front of an audience who let you know if they were bored!  The way a jam works is you’re thrown on stage with random musicians, given a key, rhythm and then it’s GO!  It’s a great way to meet musicians, and over time the chemistry between myself, Ralph, Felipe and Charlotte became obvious.  But there is no date to this, as I said, it took time.
However, if you ask when we played our first full gig as a band under the Cherry White banner, that date was May 7th 2011, ten years ago to the day! (Charlotte and myself had performed an acoustic set a few weeks earlier, but this wasn’t the full Cherry White experience) 
(images by Dyana Bittar, Alex DeTorres and us!)
So we’re 10 years old (Exactly at the time this is posted 10 years ago we were on stage for the first time!!!) and what a time it’s been.  Things now are very different to what they were back then, we’ve seen members come and go, we haven’t played a gig in, what seems like, forever!  But it’s been the best experience of my life, and continues to be.  And although we’re not currently gigging, we’re still creating music that we’re proud of (with another 2 new singles coming in the next few weeks).  For my own part, having never played a note in front of anyone until I was 30 years old, being able to share the stage and studio with Ralph, Felipe, Charlotte, Sarah, Donata and Litha, being able to learn from these great musicians and being able to write and perform songs, that I hope they’re proud of, has been one of the very best times of my life. So currently the band consists of Ralph and myself, making music and planning for the future.  We may not be doing this full time, but for me the journey, the experiences and the people mean so much, this band and the people within have saved my soul and given me the strength to go on. And finally, if you’ve had anything to do with Cherry White, if you’ve attended a gig, bought a CD, streamed a song, watched a video, liked a post or even just read this post, we’d like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for being part of the first 10 years … roll on the next 10!

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